Getting Started

AvekSate is an IoT platform technology stack that enables provisioning, management and automation of connected devices with analytical capability. Uses the latest technologies to organize and optimize the monitoring process and secure device communication. Alert/Alarm events at runtime and extend via API.

1. Sign in to AvekSate IoT

To register and use AvekSate IoT, go to
There, click on sign-up link in the top-right menu as shown below.

On clicking on the sign-up link, a registration form will appear as shown below. Fill up the form and submit.

After submitting, a pop-up will show on successful registration. The pop-up will contain a link, on clicking which you will be redirected to the sign-in page.

A verification link will be sent to the email entered in the registration form. You must verify your email before sign in, otherwise, you will not be able to sign in.

2. Component Details

After completion of the registration process, you are ready to use the AvekSate platform. Below is the introduction of various components that you will have access to after the registration.

2.1     Dashboard

After sign in, you will land into the AvekSate dashboard which will contain information such as the total number of devices, total devices that are currently online/offline, total alerts generated, alert messages, device location, etc. The dashboard will look like as shown below.

2.2     Devices

Devices page contains the information about the devices that you are using currently. The devices page looks like as shown below.

2.3     MyViz

Here you can create your visualization for the devices and controls. You will be able to create time-series/Pie charts for its devices on some time-series data(temperature, memory usage, humidity). You will also be able to trigger events based on the data and rules. Below is a snapshot of MyViz page.

2.4     Rules

You can create a list of rules and enable/disable these rules on the go. Here you can create rules on each device installed/onboarded in the platform and also can get a notification via SMS or Email when the rule is fired.

2.5     Add Devices

Here you can add new device for your use. On clicking Add device, a form will show. After entering the details click on ADD.
Congratulations! you have added a new device.

You can check the list of connected devices in Add Device page. Connected devices are those devices that are currently active and communicating with the platform.

You can also check the list of newly added devices here. The new devices section shows the devices which are trying to connect to the platform but no logical device is created in the platform against the physical device.

2.6     Software Management

Here you can manage the required software updates for the devices like when a device should get updated or which device should get an update etc. You can manage all these from here. You can check the list of available packages as shown below.

You can also check the list of new packages.

2.7     Key Management

In key management, you can generate key required for communication between the device and the platform. To generate a key, click on the plus(+) icon just below the ALERTS card as shown in the below picture.

After creating the key, it will appear in the key-management page as shown in the below picture.

You can restrict access based on the key by selecting options from the ACCESS dropdown menu.